Friday, July 30, 2010

Half My Heart Beats at The 78 this Saturday

78 flyer April 2010

This Saturday sees the return of Half My Heart Beats at The 78. We'll be playing indiepop, anti-folk and more from 9am til midnight and entry is free. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Smittens, Springfactory, The Specific Heats + Boy Genius this Monday

Smittens poster

The next Half My Heart Beats popshow is an Indietracks warmup special with four ace indiepop bands.

It sees twee pop legends The Smittens, reverb-drenched garage stars The Specific Heats, indie rockers Boy Genius (joined by Ray Neal, from 90s college rock group Miracle Legion) and Springfactory (featuring Peter from Subruban Kids With Biblical Names) all on the same bill.

It should be a great night, and it's Fair Monday so you'll hopefully have the day off!

Tickets are £5 in advance from wegottickets or £6 on the door. Here's the link:

Facebook and details are in the sidebar. Hope to see you there. Yow!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Playlist from Half My Heart Beats 23 (July 2010)

Acid House Kings – This Heart Is A Stone
The Smittens – It’s A Saturday
The Ballet – The Face of Everything
Math and Physics Club – Jimmy Had A Polaroid
Betty and the Werewolves – Should I Go To Glasgow?
Cause Co-Motion – Which Way Is Up?
Liechtenstein – Reflections
Beat Happening – Bewitched
The Younger Lovers – Danny
Allo Darlin’ – Dreaming
Tiger Trap – My Broken Heart
Go Sailor – Ray of Sunshine
The Aislers Set – The Red Door
Crystal Stilts – Love Is A Wave

Felt – Grey Streets
Another Sunny Day – Anorak City
Belle & Sebastian – I Could Be Dreaming
Bricolage – Footsteps
Zoey Van Goey – Foxtrot Vandals
The Undertones – Wednesday Week
The Strokes – Hard To Explain
The Smiths – The Boy With the Thorn In His Side
The Chiffons – One Fine Day
Voxtrot – Raised By Wolves
Pixies – Where Is My Mind?

Apples In Stereo – Energy
I’m From Barcelona – We’re From Barcelona
The Lucksmiths – Under the Rotunda
Jens Lekman – The Opposite of Hallelujah
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – Rent-a-wreck
Ballboy – Avant Garde Music
Teenage Fanclub – Shock and Awe

Belle & Sebastian – The Act of the Apostle
Camera Obscura – Number One Son
Cats On Fire – Draw In the Reins
The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
The Crystals – He’s A Rebel
Orange Juice – Poor Old Soul (Part One)
Blondie – Picture This
Sons and Daughters – Johnny Cash
The Royal We – I Hate Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Pastels – Comin’ Through
The Flatmates – I Could Be In Heaven
The Magnetic Fields – You Me and the Moon
Camera Obscura – Honey in the Sun
Belle & Sebastian – The Model
The Only Ones – Another Girl, Another Planet
Pet Shop Boys – Always On My Mind
La Roux – Bulletproof
Kate Nash – Do-wah-doo
Pulp – Disco 2000
Fats Domino – Let the Four Winds Blow
The Four Pennies – When the Boy’s Happy (The Girl’s Happy Too)
The Velvelettes – Needle In A Haystack
The Smiths – This Charming Man
The Cupons – Turn Her Down
The Ronettes – The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Concretes – Seems Fine
Heavenly – C is the Heavenly Option
Talulah Gosh – Talulah Gosh
The Hidden Cameras – Ban Marriage
Lloyd Cole and the Commotions – Lost Weekend
Squeeze – Up the Junction
The Magnetic Fields – The Luckiest Guy On the Lower East Side
Pulp – Babies
Ash – Girl From Mars
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Young Adult Friction
The Cure – Boys Don’t Cry
Buzzcocks – Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t’ve)
Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
The Ronettes – Be My Baby
Belle & Sebastian – The Boy With the Arab Strap
Teenage Fanclub – Spark’s Dream
Outkast – Hey Ya
The Smiths – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Friday, July 9, 2010

Standard Fare + Half My Heart Beats tomorrow (Saturday)!

Don't forget that tomorrow (Saturday) we'll be hosting Standard Fare, Kid Canaveral and Water Wolves at The Flying Duck from 7.30pm. Scroll down to the previous post for all the details.

Even if you're not coming to the gig, our usual Half My Heart Beats indie/pop dance party will be on from 11pm until 3am.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

HMHB presents Standard Fare, Kid Canaveral and Water Wolves - 10th July

We’re delighted to welcome one of the UK’s most exciting indiepop bands, Standard Fare, to their first gig in Glasgow.

The release of their debut album, The Noyelle Beat, has confirmed what some of us have long suspected – that Standard Fare really are something special. They play urgent, jangly indiepop set apart from the rest by Emma Kupa’s amazing voice and funny, touching lyrics.

Kid Canaveral
are a powerpop band from Edinburgh whose upbeat pop songs sound something like Teenage Fanclub crossed with The Undertones and their forthcoming debut album Shouting at Wildlife is bound to be an absolute treat.

Water Wolves are a stripped-down three piece band from Glasgow who play simple but devastatingly effective indiepop. Fans of Beat Happening would do well to cock an ear in their direction. One of them’s even called Calvin, for god’s sake.

The gig is at The Flying Duck at 142 Renfield Street, Glasgow. Doors are at 7.30pm with the first band on shortly after. We’ll be having our monthly indie/pop dance party, Half My Heart Beats, straight after the bands and your £5 will gain you entry to both gig and club.

Praise for Standard Fare:

Sunday Times
“A riot of hormones, cut-to-the-chase lyrics, bolshie girl-boy vocals and jingle-jangle propulsion… There is something incredibly winning about Emma Kupa’s mix of faux-coy naivety and don’t-f***-with-me stroppiness”

“The finest bouncy, jangly pop songs this side of the Smiths… as close to perfection as you could hope for”

The Girls Are
“Gloriously jangly guitars combine with heartfelt but upbeat boy/girl vocals… it wasn’t long before I was getting all misty-eyed and nostalgic about my misspent youth of endlessly listening to Kenickie and Belle & Sebastian on repeat”

New York Times
“The songs are tightly wound, packing more riffs than you’d expect into their three minutes each, and the attitude is scrappy and resilient”

Sounds XP
“There’s something of a buzz around this lot, and it’s justified. Despite wearing its inherited musical DNA boldly on its sleeve, the Noyelle Beat is a collection of fabulous tunes that deserve to stand on their own for a new audience”

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Playlist from Bubblegum Records/The Hop! gig with The Powercut Choir and Miss Leggy Pee (2nd July)

The Middle Ones - Young Explorer
Camera Obscura - Shine Like a New Pin
Shrag - Rabbit Kids
Summer Cats - Hush Puppy
McCarthy - The Myth of the North-South Divide
The Lucksmiths - Successlessness
Tender Trap - Girls With Guns
Belle & Sebastian - Ease Your Feet in the Sea
The Specific Heats - End of an Error
This Many Boyfriends - I Should Be A Communist

Withered Hand - Oldsmobile Car
Veronica Falls - Starry Eyes
Nick Garrie - Wheel of Fortune
Math and Physics Club - You're So Good To Me
The Magnetic Fields - All My Little Words
The Lucksmiths - Midweek Midmorning
Liechtenstein - The End
Jonathan Richman - Velvet Underground

The Hidden Cameras - Smells Like Happiness
Go Sailor - Bigger Than an Ocean
Eux Autres - The Sundance Kid
The Essex Green - Julia
Dent May - God Loves You, Michael Chang
Crystal Stilts - Shattered Shine
Brown Recluse - Rotten Tangerines
Cars Can Be Blue - I Like
Betty and the Werewolves - David Cassidy
The Ballet - Personal

Standard Fare - Nuit Avec Un Amie
One Happy Island - Elegant Elephant
Slow Down Tallahassee - Tricks
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher than the Stars
Frankie Rose and the Outs - Little Brown Haired Girl
The Garlands - Open Arms
Belle & Sebastian - There's Too Much Love

Arthur Russell - Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart
Allo Darlin' - Silver Dollars
The Aislers Set - My Boyfriend (Could Be A Spanish Man)
Agent Ribbons - Le Noche
Beat Happening - Down at the Sea

Playlist from Half My Heart Beats at The 78 (June 2010)

The Cat's Miaow - Third Floor Fire Escape
Summer Cats - Hush Puppy
Bart and Friends - These Words Are Too Small
The Motifs - Notes
Crayon Fields - Mirror Ball
The Go-Betweens - Head Full of Steam
The Lucksmiths - Under the Rotunda
Allo Darlin' - Silver Dollars
Crystal Stilts - Sugar Baby
Boy Genius - Eleanor
Fireflies - Disorder
Jeffrey Lewis - New Old Friends

Low - Sunflowers
Maxine Funke - Can't Make Done
Pictish Trail - Words Fail Me Now
Love.Stop.Repeat - Melt Away
Let's Be Honeys - No More Two-Chord Love Songs
Withered Hand - For the Maudlin
Teenage Fanclub - Dark and Lonely
The Pastels/Tenniscoats - Vivid Youth
Ballboy - Meet Me at the Shooting Range

Morgan Orion - Let Me Inside When I Knock On Your Door
The Middle Ones - Slow Bridge
Bubblegum Lemonade - Caroline's Radio
Blueboy - Popkiss
Pipas - Mental
The Mai 68s - Working
One Happy Island - Horse Cave, Kentucky
The Specific Heats - End of an Error
Cloud Nothings - Can't Stay Awake

The Aislers Set - California
Beat Happening - Foggy Eyes
Dent May - Love Song 2009
Jonathan Richman - That Summer Feeling
The Just Joans - Gin and Platonic
The Social Services - Electric Brae
Brown Recluse - Rainy Saturday
The Magnetic Fields - No-one Will Ever Love You
Fair Ohs - Hey Lizzy

The Just Joans - Hideous Accident
McCarthy - A Child Soon In Chains
Camera Obscura - Phil and Don
Dorotea - The Noble Art of Being Naive
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Contender
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Natural Light
Hari and Aino - All That Remains
Pants Yell! - Someone Loves You
All Girl Summer Fun Band - Ticking Timebomb
Liechtenstein - Roses in the Park
Sourpatch - I Want You Either Way

Crystal Stilts - The City in the Sea
The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Grip of Fear
Veronica Falls - Starry Eyes
Betty and the Werewolves - David Cassidy
Liechtenstein - Postcard
The Lucksmiths - The Year of Driving Languorously
The School - Is It Time
The Fresh and Onlys - I'm Gonna Be Your Elevator
Fabienne Delsol - Bluebirds Over the Mountain
The Murmaids - Popsicles and Icicles